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ego = be

“I believe, ego is a ball of energy that can be controlled. This ball is impacted daily, hourly, even minute-to-minute, by different factors which create friction. When you put two balls of energy together, even more friction will be generated. This is a fact of life. Positive friction can energize and focus innovative collaboration. But when friction turns negative and egos flare, corporate cultures take a hit. Ego Monsters put sales at risk and achieving successful outcomes becomes impossible. It doesn’t have to be that way. Egos can be controlled. Friction can be managed.”


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"This book is a great primer for handling difficult people, which is a large percentage of time for anyone working, (and) full of practical approaches for dealing with problems and turning them to your advantage… I got several ideas that affected my business immediately."
– Bill Gross, Beverly Hills, CA, Top Real Estate Agent and Sales Coach

Buy the book and ship anonymously to your favorite EGO MONSTER.


the big 3

JOEL presents 3 EGO Master concepts, illustrated by a series of entertaining and often humorous scenarios everyone will relate to and remember long after his talk. Back at the office, they’ll be able to effectively interact with egomaniacs, turning potentially disastrous results into positive outcomes. Controlling Ego flares in the home and on the playing field is a bonus.

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1. Know the finish line*

Kill the but man*


2. Never return fire*

One up is one down*


3. Give 'em a cookie*

Don't nod your way through life*




If you, your team, or your company sell any product you need bigJOEL’s Making Rain Workshop.

If your business depends on support and referrals, becoming an ego master is the first step to meeting your sales goals. Joel will teach you how to build lasting, deep relationships with the people who matter, inevitably increasing sales and leadership success. Spend time with Joel and your interactions with your clients, your business colleagues, and even total strangers will change forever.

"Joel coached me for just two months last year and it changed the way I do business in so many wonderful ways. I closed 28MM last year, and am on par for 50MM this year. My momentum continues to build headed into the slower months of the year! Joel teaches simple, yet brilliant techniques that don’t make you abandon the way you currently do business, but instead ELEVATE the way you do business. On top of it all, he’s a great guy. Thanks a million, Joel!"
Christina E.


Just who is this big GUY?

Joel has years of experience dealing with out-of-control egos in stressful situations and has learned that understanding EGO is the key to a successful life.

By the age of 27, Joel Epstein was the youngest Branch Manager for SunTrust Mortgage. He quickly rose to the top of his profession, recognized nationally for his accomplishments. Stats tell the story. Over a billion dollars worth of mortgage loan transactions, helping 5,000 plus buyers navigate the number 1 most stressful modern experience today: purchasing a home.

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Over time Joel saw how this stress brings out the monster in everyone; not only the buyer but the seller, the agents, the appraiser, the underwriter everyone - triggering an ego flare beyond compare - the makings of a sizzling reality TV show called Who is the Ego Monster in the House Today? BigJOEL knows the answer and he knows how to control them. And so his bigEGO philosophy was born.

Then Big JOEL got…well, too big for his residential britches and began training and coaching sales professionals and executives in other industries, nationally and internationally. Joel has been coaching, mentoring, training, and delivering memorable presentations for over 20 years. He is truly passionate about helping others achieve their goals and dreams, both personally and professionally.

Joel's incredible success in the business world allows him to understand the day-to-day trials and tribulations of just about everyone in the game. Spend some time with Joel and he will profoundly change the way you interact with your co-workers, employees, team members, family members, business partners, and the list goes on.

Joel has appeared on numerous radio and television programs in the U.S and Canada discussing ego, including nationally on CNN, Fox, Access Hollywood, NBC, ABC, CW, Sirius Satellite Radio, ABC Radio Network, and USA Radio Network. Producers, anchors, and hosts rave about his ability to connect with the audience.

Joel loves cooking, eating great meals, and spending time with his wife and 4 children when he’s not working. BIG Warning: his Instagram posts will make your cholesterol go sky high.


  1. Buying or selling property
  2. Relationship break-up/divorce
  3. Being made redundant
  4. Death of a grandparent
  5. Getting fired


Lockheed Martin
Under Armour
FDA (Federal Drug Administration)
Colorado State University
Project Management Institute
ASCE (Amer. Society of Civil Engrs)
County of Berks Pennsylvania Employees
Wells Fargo
Modjeski and Masters
University of Toronto
University of Richmond
Cresa Partners
Keller Williams
Assoc. of Alumni Association Executives
Prospect Mortgage
Movement Mortgage
Countrywide Home Loans
Bank of Santa Barbara
First Title
Trident Title
EXIT Realty
New England Life Insurance
Long & Foster Real Estate


Access Hollywood
Sirius Satellite Radio
ABC Radio Network
USA Radio Network

KTLA Morning Show (KTLA - CW), Los Angeles
AM Northwest (KATU-ABC), Portland, OR
The Bay Area Today (NBC-11), San Francisco
The View from the Bay (KGO-ABC), San Francisco
Fox 5 Morning News (WTTG), Washington, DC
Late Night Counsell (580 CFRA Radio), Greely, Ontario, Canada
The Morning Show (KCVM Radio), Cedar Falls/Waterloo, IA
The Jim Buchanan Show (WICC Radio), Bridgeport, CT
The Morning Show with Val, Steve, and Rick (KKID), Rolla, MO
The Morning Blender (KOLE – Fox News Radio), Beaumont, TX
The Maxwell Show (Cleveland's Rock Station-100.7 WMMS)
The Maria Sanchez Show (The Connection-1590 AM), Ventura, CA
The Rick Fowler Show (WMAL-ABC Radio), Washington, DC
Taking Care of Business (WMAL-ABC Radio) Washington, DC



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